BookThe Interacting Boson Model (IBM) of the Atomic Nucleus
an Introduction, 1998 (revised 2008), ISBN 3-7281-2520-2


BookThe Lie Algebras su(N)
an Introduction, 2003 (revised 2008), ISBN 3-7643-2418-X


BookRelativistic Quantum Mechanics
an Introduction, 2004 (revised 2008)


BookAlbert Einstein's Analysis of the Brownian Motion
2004 (revised 2008)


BookAlbert Einstein's Matriculation Examination in Physics (1896)
a commentary, 2004 (revised 2008)


BookQuantum Field Theory
an Introduction, 2009


BookHadrons and Quarks
an Introduction to the Theory of Mesons and Baryons, 2010


BookScattering Processes of Elementary Particles
an Introduction to Feynman Diagrams and to the Feynman Calculus, 2011

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