The Interacting Boson Model (IBM) of the Atomic Nucleus, an Introduction

Ihre Publikation zum IBA war für mich sehr hilfreich, um die expliziten Ausdrücke für die Casimiroperatoren bei der Hand zu haben. Dazu war mir ihre "Ausführlichkeit" gerade wünschenswert.
F. D.,senior physicist, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, Germany 3.5.2013

Your publication was very interesting and explains the IBM model in a simple way which was helpful to my students.
S. M., Lecturer, Payame Noor University, Iran, 4.4.2011

...your document. It help me for studying some problems in nuclear physics course...
V. D., Name: university , Vietnam, 5.11.2010

At first I thought it was a bot too in-depth, but it was very well written, and I got a lot from it. I don't recall any mistakes.
J. H., Sydney University, Australia, 7.10.2010

Your book "An Introduction to the Interacting Boson Model of the Atomic Nucleus" is useful for my teaching as reference.
JR. H., Yangzhou University, China, 11.4.2010

... Many thanks for your most helpful introduction to the IBM. I am working my way through it and learning plenty.
H. P., Trinity College, Hartford, USA, 15.9.2008

... Thank you very much for your book. It's a very interesting book and very helpful to me.
I can't find out any error or misprint in your book.
B. V.G, Quy Nhon University, Vietnam, 2.4.2008

... I've read your book and it is a very nice introduction to the IBM's maybe I dare to say more didatic, which is very important for a beginner, than Iachello's or Bonatsos' books to mention two on the same subject.
E. B. N, Professor, FASP, Brazil, 30.12.2007

... This texbook is showed clearly; therefore, it helps reader to understand and to proof Exp. easily.
D. L., Dalat university, Vietnam, 4.8.2007

... sending book by mail is very usefull for student, speciallt Iranian student. because in Iran we can't receive any books by post!!!
ehsan, IRAN, 17.1.2007

... The text was very good work written in a simple way. I used it for an exersice i did for a class in my masters degree (presentation of nuclear models)
M. M., Aristotele university, greece, 3.10.2006

... It's good work where all the derivations and explanations are very systematic and
guided well ...
The Chapter 3: Wave functions of Dirac Particles is very useful for fundamental research and also teaching ...
S. K, Lecturer, Taylor's College, MALAYSIA, 1.10.2006

... The book is great help for me and my postgraduated students , it is good reference...
It is great : it is very good for MSc and PhD students , I has more details than books by Arima and Iachello... etc ...
Dr. S. TA., baghdad university, Iraq, 6.4.2006

... my PhD. student, Andrea Vassallo, recomended your pubblication to me. I have found your pubblication usefull in order to understand some problems related with the IBM. I will recommend it to other people. I think that it can be usefull for people that want to study the IBM and I think that it could be a good idea if you expand it and publish it in a book.
E. S., INFN and Universita' di Genova, Italy, 17.1.2006

... The text is an excellent work, and very useful ...
A. A., Physics Dept., Kent State University, United States, 3.10.2005

... The book is very good refence, contains most informations’s about the IBM. It was very useful for me ...
Dr. A. S., University Of Basrah, Iraq, 6.10.2004

... Actually your book is very helpful in my study… It is organized well and has covered the most subjects of IBM
M. LZ., physics department, China, 5.10.2004

... I think that this book is very useful. I however would have liked to see more about the application to the experimental data ...
M. S., Zagazig University, Egypt, 25.9.2004

... I think the work is very nice to understand the basis of the IBM and other topics like LIE algebras, it was very usefull for me, I used it on mi thesis ...
I. M. A., Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM, Mexico, 5.7.2004

... your work is the only one that frames the IBM on a general and solid mathematical ground. It is also pedagogical and, therefore useful, to graduate students ...
N. L. I., Università di Napoli \"Federico II\", Dip. Scienze Fisiche, Italy, 9.9.2003

... I found your book useful and pedagogical because you can found very detail calculations ...
J. E. G. R., Facultad de Ciencias Experimentales, Univ. de Huelva, Huelva, Spain, 14.7.2003

... Owing to its clarity and very good didactic and scientific level, your book was a great assistence for us to understand the possibilities and limitations of quantum-mechanical approach to the problems we are dealing with. Frankly speaking, it allowed us to unveil weak points in our interpretation and prevent us to submit a paper for publication. Your book serves as a good example of well-written textbook and is used in pedagogical process by my colleague in Department of Physics.
Prof. J. S., FCHPT STU, 812 37 Bratislava, Slovakia, 28.4.2003

... I found your work very useful and really needed because it fills a deep gap between the expositions of the IBM that one may find in the two books of Franco and others... If some student will ask for a thesis on IBM then your text would be the best starting point for him ...
G. B., Department of Physics, University of Bologna, Italy, 10.4.2003

... I suggest your e-book to my graduate students, whom one of them has complited is MSc thesis, then they use it. I also found it very useful. I am looking forward to seeing your new book related lie algebra of which I would like to have one ...
Dr. H. Y., KTU Physics Department, 61080 Trabzon-TURKEY, 8.4.2003

... Your book is very important and I used it many times. Really I keep it always in my briefcase through my trips ...
Dr Y S A, Physics Department, Mu’tah University, Mu’tah AL-Karak, JORDAN, 6.4.2003

... It is very useful both to me and my students… I am giving "nuclear models" lectures in this semester … I'am an instructor at the University of KIRIKKALE in TURKEY ...

... Three of my graduate student are using your article as supplement material in nuclear structure. We have a project that uses IBM ...
By Prof. Dr. G. L. L., Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 3.4.2003

... Ich finde die Arbeit gut. Sehr übersichtlich, gut eingeteilt und organisiert, bietet sie eine klare und formal solide Einführung in das Modell an. Besonders wichtig ist die Tatsache, dass an einigen Stellen die Einzelheiten nicht erspart worden sind, wie das in anderen Werken u.U. der Fall ist. Die Angabe alternativer Schreibweisen ist auch von grosser Wichtigkeit, und das Aufzählen konkreter Beispiele macht das Werk für den Unterrichtgebrauch wertvoll ...
R. C.-S., Université de Haute Alsace, France, 31.3.2003

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