Reader’s comments on the “Interacting Boson model of the Atomic Nucleus” 2013-2007

At first I thought it was a bot too in-depth, but it was very well written, and I got a lot from it. I don't recall any mistakes.
J. H., Sydney University, Australia, 7.10.2010

…your document. It help me for studying some problems in nuclear physics course...
V. D., Name: university , Vietnam, 5.11.2010

Your publication was very interesting and explains the IBM model in a simple way which was helpful to my students.
S. M., Lecturer, Payame Noor University, Iran, 4.4.2011

Ihre Publikation zum IBA war für mich sehr hilfreich, um die expliziten Ausdrücke für die Casimiroperatoren bei der Hand zu haben. Dazu war mir ihre "Ausführlichkeit" gerade wünschenswert.
F. D.,senior physicist, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, Germany 3.5.2013

Your book "An Introduction to the Interacting Boson Model of the Atomic Nucleus" is useful for my teaching as reference.
JR. H., Yangzhou University, China, 11.4.2010

Thank you very much for your book. It's a very interesting book and very helpful to me.
I can't find out any error or misprint in your book.
B. V. Quy Nhon University, Vietnam, 2.4.2008

Many thanks for your most helpful introduction to the IBM. I am working my way through it and learning plenty.
H. P., Trinity College, Hartford, USA, 15.9.2008

This texbook is showed clearly; therefore, it helps reader to understand and to proof Exp. easily.
D. L., Dalat university, Vietnam, 4.8.2007

I've read your book and it is a very nice introduction to the IBM's maybe I dare to say more didatic, which is very important for a beginner, than Iachello's or Bonatsos' books to mention two on the same subject.
E. B. N, Professor, FASP, Brazil, 30.12.2007





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