Albert Einstein's Analysis of the Brownian Motion

I was surprised that Einstein himself wrote a clarification in 1908 and you have used it also to clarify in your writing.
A.M. N., professor, Bangalore University, India, 5.10.2012

i recall reading it when i received it and found it helpful...
H.A. S., professor, Princeton University, 5.10.2011

your work on Einstein's Analysis of the Brownian Motion was very clear, especially on the assumptions and methods that Einstein used.
V. T., UCSD, USA, 10.7.2009

Your paper was very informative and useful. I have included it in my reference list in my master thesis.
M. L., NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm university, 2.4.2009

I found your paper both exemplary clear and exhaustive.
I've adapted it a little bit for a presentation to students of the last year of an italian secondary school
V.G., Head Electronics Branch, NURC, Italy, 12.11.2008

I used the paper while preparing for my candidacy exam and I did find it quite useful
M. S., Ohio State University, USA, 2.10.2008

I like the Brownian Motion paper very much- clear and to the point.
Helpful as a tutorial.
B. P., university trustee, USA, 24.1.2008

... I was looking for a full pedagogic approach to the Brownian motion using diffusion technique (as originally envisaged by Einstein). Normally we see the simpler derivation a la Langevin. But the diffusion method is more appealing and you have done precisely that. It will definitely help in my teaching the topic.
G. B., Theory Group, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, INDIA, 23.2.2007

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