Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, an Introduction

I have been reading and studying your materials and I like it very much.
A.W., Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada, 24.6.2013

I found the work to be accurate and complete…. I have recommended it to several of my students.
J. H., Instructor, Texas Tech University, USA, 12.7.2010

That's e-book is very usefull for me to study quantum mechanics in preparing my thesis.
M. L., Teacher, Indonesia University, Indonesia, 15.7.2009

The book reads well, and the mathematical notation and overall presentation is clear, perhaps the clearest I've read.
B. J., Teacher, Lowell High School, USA, 7.4.2009

it seems to me that your book, which is very well written, fills a hole in the up to now available literature:
D. B., Surrey University, Italy (UK), 2.4.2009

This is a very well written piece adressing a fundamental aspect of mathematical physic.
W., UA. Belgium, 8.1.2009

I thought it was a very nice work. I did not find any errors or such.
M.W., Research Associate, Washington State University, USA, 8.1.2009

1. It is a condensed and summary like course in 75 pages hence original compared to lengthy books of 600 pages.
2. The printing looks very good as far as English dissertation and professiency in the language.
H. El-S. Manager, Hydroenvirosystems Co, Canada, 3.1.2009

... It is wonderful text to be studied with rapt attention to learn the subject ...
Your book will teach me the subject and I find you are a very good teacher [as it is obvious from the organization of the text]. Lucidity and simplicity is the style.
I convey my deep regards to such a good teacher.
D. C. G., Professor, University of Kalyani, India, 9.12.2008

The work is really good, the derivations of the equations were simplified and easy to comprehend
O.P., Lecturer, University of Abuja, Nigeria, 22.10.2007

... This work really is an important introduction for relativistic quantum mechanics because you had written the ideas in an elegant way and in a logical way for presenting them, also because you use many important references ...
M. H., Lebanese university, Lebanon, 21.10.2007

... So far, I have only used it for my own  reference, but I may make
it available to my students as complementary reading material ...
P.B. , Professor, Australia, 2.7.2007

Thank you for the great book. The book is in the same line as our M. Sc syllabus. Can I share the book with my friends, (Is there any restrictions) ...
N. P. A., School of Pure and Applied Physics, M. G. University, Kottayam, 10.4.2007

... My personal opinion it's wonderful text and the way of presenting the text very useful and easy to follow that you may not found in other text books of relativistic quantum mechanics as far as I know. Up to now I am not discovered any errors or misprints.
... that is very useful for many physicists especially in the Middle east where there is no such ability to access papers and books.
Dr. F. A. M., Instituto de Física da UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil, 31.3.2007

... The clarity of the symbols is outstanding, far better than that of the usual textbook.
Your introduction is excellent. The font is easy to read. I like very much the geometrical way you portray the matrices, rather than the usual symbolic way.
Your paper has a very high pedagogical value. It could constitute a complete course in QM. It is so well done that an instructor would almost be unnecessary... I insist that it is of very high value to students, experimentalists and other non-theoreticians. I will gladly recommend it to this audience.
L. D. H., Ph.D., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Retired, Oak Ridge, 1.1.2007

... it is clearly written and very pedagogical. The notations though are very unusual.
I took it as such and simply transformed the notations to standard ones ... The students liked the style and the coherence of your course.
Y. A., Faculty of Sciences-Semlalia, Marrakesh, Marocco, 1.4.2006

... I think it has a very nice, easy-to-understand approach. The clarity of the text combined with the unambiguity and mathematical exactness give a very good starting point for studying quantum mechanics. Thus I have found your text to be a very useful source of information ...
T. H., NanoScience Center, Department of Physics, University of Jyväskylä, 1.4.2006

... I think that it is a well-written article ... I like the way you introduce the topic ... Your article are useful for me ...
P-F. W., National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan, 1.10.2005

... I was amazed at how easily you were able to present the topic so clearly and concisely. The use of full matrix representations is also useful, as is the use of h (bar) and c. Here we use c =h = 1, which reduces the derived expressions, but if one is to implement these principles in a computational context, then your text is more of importance ...
The text was extremely useful, and I am still using it. I’m a PhD student doing proton-proton scattering and I thoroughly enjoyed you work ...
N. T., Country: Stellenbosch University, Physics Department, Namibia, 1.10.2005

... It is a very good introduction to the relativistic Q.M., good for students and also for researchers. It deserves publication as a booklet, or as a chapter in a larger work in general quantum mechanics. It is very useful for me ...
P. M., researcher at CNR, Italy, 1.10.2005

... your publication was of tremendous help to me. I referred to it in most of my asignments and for more understanding of course work
AM. N., University of Nairobi, MSc. Theoretical Physics, Kenya, 1.10.2005

... I found the text very good and interesting. Please expand your text and try to publish it.
Dr. S. A., PhD Mathematical Physics (Particle Physics), Birmingham University, 1.10.2005

... I did receive the text of your excellent notes on relativistic QM ... I enjoyed reading your text. The text is written on a high standard, and was of great value for me to underline some topics as the Dirac equation for particles with an anomalous magnetic moment ...
M.N.H. C., Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt, 1.7.2005

... It is very nice written and very concise. It would be nice if you can expand it further with additional explanations. But I found that it was very useful.
K. L. W., Professor Director, Marco Focus Center on Functional Engineered Nano Architectonics, FENA UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 28.6.2005

... It is very useful to me. Really it is a a great work.I knew about your publication on the NET
A. R, assistant professor in physics, India, 27.6.2005

... I teach elementary particle and use from your book in teaching dirac equation your book is very good in that subject ...
H. H., teacher of physics, sulaimany university (kurdistan Iraq), 1.4.2005

... I did receive your article and enjoyed your presentation of relativistic quantum mechanics. I used to teach quantum field theory at the graduate level for many years at my University, Virginia Tech ...
H. T., Virginia Tech, USA, 1.4.2005

... I really appriciate you and your work. I not only downloaded your work but also suggested my students to read yuor work about Relativistic Quantum Mechanics ...
A. F., CHEP, Pakistan, 1.4.2005

... your publication "Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, an Introduction" is a nice work that I used it in the course. I got good feedbacks. I can say it is useful ...
H. Y., KTU, Turkey, 7.1.2005

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